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Thorolds Contemporary Africana, Law & General Booksellers


For well over one hundred years, Thorolds has offered a unique national and international tradition of service to all users of books.  Thorolds supplies Contemporary Africana, African Literature and Legal Books, Subscriptions and Reports to the learned societies of judges, advocates, lawyers and institutes of higher education.  If you haven’t heard of us before, we are pleased to introduce you to the new, revamped Thorolds emblem of quality.



The company deals with corporate libraries and libraries of tertiary institutions as well as law firms, and technical libraries, both nationally and internationally.  As a result, we constantly strive to be aware of the librarian's needs, and keep abreast of ever-changing needs in the wider field of books and publications.  Thorolds strives to maintain our considerable database of specialised subscriptions and books.


Thorolds offers our customers both locally and abroad, unrivalled access to an unmatched regional inventory and a wealth of information on new and out-of-print legal and Contemporary Africana material.


  • New academic, legal and general material
  • Contemporary Africana & African Literature
  • New law and general journals and reports
  • Subscription agent
  • New legal book notification service
  • Specialist advisory service regarding South African law publications


All local and international orders are delivered by way of a traceable courier service, ensuring effective and timeous delivery of orders.


We pride ourselves on our well-established reputation for prompt, friendly and efficient service.







Key Personnel:


Kim Shuttle

Kim has been involved in the book industry for the last 21 years.  She partnered with the late Neillen van Kraayenburg in various business ventures, the most recent of which being the acquisition of Thorolds Booksellers in 2012.  Upon Neillen’s passing in 2015, Kim assumed the position of Managing Director.  In January 2017, Thorolds Booksellers underwent a divisional split. The Antiquarian division is now under new management, and Kim, along with the sales and administrative staff, manages the Contemporary Africana, Law and General Book division.  Kim is passionate about ‘all things printed’ and with the assistance of the dynamic team she manages, is looking forward to expanding the Thorolds footprint globally.


Darran John Shuttle - Key Accounts Manager


Darran has been in the Customer relations and guest services industry for over 20 years and has worked for international brands such as the Millennium stadium in Cardiff, Jebel Ali enterprises in Dubai, P & O Cruises out of Southampton, UK and most recently Oceania Cruises out of Miami, USA.  Darran takes the view that getting it right the first time is especially important to any client experience.  Building a relationship with the client to understand their individual needs and to be able to deliver such needs to the client is paramount to the customer experience. Darran’s international experience gives him a unique understanding of a wide range of markets and this assists in the communication that is vitally important to all his clients. Darran has been the point of contact and client relations manager for large corporate contracts which include the Football Association Cup Final in the UK, the launching of 4 cruise liners and the completion of large corporate and sporting events in South Africa, Dubai, United Kingdom and USA.


Angie Engelbrecht – Internal Sales Manager


Angie Engelbrecht is head of our Law & Subscriptions Department.  She joined Thorolds in August 2012.  Before joining the Thorolds team, Angie managed the Law & Subscriptions department at the Juta Bookshop in Johannesburg for a period of twenty years.

Angie has an extensive knowledge of local and international law titles and legal subscriptions.  In addition, she is well versed in Africana titles, new and general books.


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Darran Shuttle - Key accounts manager

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