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The South African Law Reports


Format: Soft cover

ISBN/ISSN: 00382396/SALRUR2017


The South African Law Reports is the premier repository of South African

judicial jurisprudence. Published since 1947, The South African Law Reports

has an extensive network of reporters.  There is a reporter for every court,

from which judgments are received, ensuring that all reportable judgments

are covered. The judgments are carefully selected and edited by the editors

of The South African Law Reports who produce flynotes, headnotes,

legislative references and case annotations. The editing process includes

the checking of all authority referred to in judgments where this is possible.


The flynote forms the basis of The South African Law Reports indexing

system, which has been developed over the years to save practitioners and readers valuable research time. The headnotes are carefully crafted and serve to inform the reader of legal issues decided in the judgment.


Back issues are available from 1947.


Industrial Law Journal

Incorporating the Industrial Law Reports


Authors: Cooper, C (Editor) ; Vosloo, C (Editor) ; Williams-de Beer, L


Format: Soft Cover

ISBN/ISSN: 0258249X


First published in 1980, the ILJ remains the premier South African labour

law reporter. This seminal journal covers judgments and awards handed

down by the Labour Court, Labour Appeals Court, the CCMA, Bargaining

Councils and private arbitration bodies. Also covered are labour-related

judgments from the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal, the

Land Claims Court and the Pension Funds Adjudicator. The ILJ is the only

labour series to publish relevant judgments of neighbouring states. Every

fourth issue includes articles, notes and case notes by local and foreign experts. Limited back issues are available.


South African Law Journal


Authors: Glover, G (Managing Editor) ; Corder, H (Editor) ; Bhana, D

(Editor) ; Heaton, J (Editor) ; Andanda, P (Editor) ; Kruuse, H (Editor)

ISBN/ISSN: 025872503


The South African Law Journal is South Africa’s premier law journal. It

publishes articles, notes on cases and book reviews by prominent members

of the legal profession and academics. Founded in 1884, it is the oldest

law journal of its kind in the world.


The South African Law Journal is the legal showcase for new ideas,

changing attitudes and shifting emphases in South African law. Those who

are interested in these changes and developments will find this journal

stimulating reading.



South African Criminal Law Reports


Authors: Juta Law Reports Editors

ISBN/ISSN: 10163107 (SACLR)


The South African Criminal Law Reports is a monthly report of criminal law cases

and procedure emanating from the superior courts in southern Africa. Cases are

selected for their importance to the practitioner in criminal law.


Judgments of the Constitutional Court on criminal law and procedure are also














Jones & Buckle: Civil Practice of the Magistrates Courts in South Africa


Authors: Van Loggerenberg, DE

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702142413

Edition: 10th


Jones & Buckle has remained the definitive work on civil practice in the

lower courts in South Africa for almost a century.


The tenth edition of this work, with the assurance of continuing biannual

updates, will meet the profession’s need for current and authoritative

commentary in the field of civil practice in the lower courts. Detailed indexes

facilitate research.


Volume I: The Act

Prefaces to earlier editions of the work, dating back to 1905.  Full text of the

Magistrates’ Courts Act 32 of 1944, with commentary


Volume II: The Rules

Prefaces to earlier editions of the work, dating back to 1905.  Full text of the

Magistrates' Courts Rules, with commentary Substantive separate

discussions dealing with interest; parties; particular defences; costs in

general; and Sheriff’s liability for negligence in execution.


Commentary on the Children's Act


Authors: Davel, CJ (Editor) ; Skelton, A (Editor)

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702178832

First Published: 2007


Written by a team of experts who were actively involved in drafting and commenting on the

Bill, Commentary on the Children’s Act is the first section-by-section guide to the Children’s

Act 38 of 2005. Every section of the Act is discussed within the context of the Act and its

origin, giving practical guidance on its interpretation and application. The Commentary

includes the full text of and commentary on the Children’s Amendment Act and regulations.

The publication will continue to be expanded into a ‘one-stop reference’ for child law.


Commentary on the Companies Act


Authors: Blackman, M; Jooste, R; Everingham, GK; Cassim, FHI; de la

Harpe, R; Larkin, M (Contributor); Rademeyer, CH (Contributor); Yeats, JL


First Published: 2003


Comprising a section-by-section commentary on the Companies Act 61 of

1973, this work offers a closely argued analysis of every provision, in the

context of the Act as a whole, and of its interpretation by our courts. The

style is clear and eminently readable. Abundant references to South African

and foreign case and statute law, as well as legal literature, are contained

in the footnotes.


Contents Include:

A section-by-section commentary on the Companies Act

Regulations in terms of the Act

Practice notes

Inside Trading Act 135 of 1998

Index to Companies Act and commentary


Commentary on the Criminal Procedure Act (Du Toit)


Authors: Du Toit, E; De Jager, FJ; Paizes, A; Skeen, A St Q; Van der Merwe,

 SE (General Editor)

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702119620

First Published: 2003


This text provides a section-by-section commentary on the Criminal

Procedure Act. It is the most comprehensive and widely cited text on

criminal procedure available. Regularly updated to reflect latest

developments, it includes extensive analysis of all aspects of criminal

procedure by the foremost experts. The three volumes include various

related materials indispensable for the practice of criminal procedure.


Contents Include:

Criminal Procedure Act and commentary

Analysis of the latest case law, including unreported and Namibian cases

Discussion of new and pending legislation and mention of all relevant academic writing

Extensive commentary covering the changes brought about by the Child Justice Act 75 of 2008 in pre-trial, trial and post-trial matters, as well as inserts on the age determination and sentencing of children


National Prosecuting Authority Act

Regulations and forms


Commentary on the Mine Health & Safety Act and Regulations


Authors: Masilo, P; Rautenbach, G

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702179044

First Published: 2008


This regularly updated loose-leaf commentary work is informed by the authors’

involvement in high-profile inspections and inquests. It offers clarity to all

functionaries on how this vital piece of legislation works. Diagrams and chapter

overviews set provisions in context. A section-by-section analysis of the Act

brings details to the fore.


Contents Include:

Table of Cases

The full text of the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996 as amended

Detailed analysis

  • Objects of Act
  • Health and Safety at Mines
  • Health and Safety Representatives and Committees
  • Tripartite Institutions
  • Inspectorate of Mine Health and Safety
  • Minister’s Powers
  • Legal Proceedings and Offences
  • General Provision
  • Schedules

Mine Health Regulations in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act and the Minerals Act with Commentary

Text of International Conventions

Extracts from the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995

Unrepealed sections of the Mines and Works Act 27 of 1956



Constitutional Law of South Africa


Authors: Woolman, S (Editor-in-Chief); Bishop, M (Managing Editor)

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702173080

Edition: 2nd Edition

First Published: 2008


Constitutional Law of South Africa is the most widely cited treatise on South

African constitutional law. The work deals with both local case law and

overseas jurisdictions and engages at length in legal theory. It offers

complete reconstructions of legal doctrine, alternative readings of

constitutional provisions, and appropriate criticism of judgments and

legislation. Constitutional Law of South Africa achieves these ends through

comprehensive treatment of the case law and relevant statutes; a thorough review of the secondary literature; and the ability to draw, where appropriate, on relevant foreign and international jurisprudence. Constitutional Law of South Africa fills a unique space in the South African legal academy and the profession.


Cooper’s Motor Law: Criminal Liability, Administrative Adjudication & Medico-legal Aspects


Author: S Hoctor

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702178870

Edition: 2nd Edition

First Published: 2008


This updatable loose-leaf provides a section-by-section commentary on road

traffic legislation in South Africa, preceded by a comprehensive survey of the

history, purpose and scope of the legislation. Provisions of the Act are

interspersed with commentary, making for easy cross-reference between Act and

commentary. In addition, it covers a number of matters governed by other Acts

and by the common law. Provisions of the Road Traffic Act 29 of 1989 that are

still in force are discussed separately. The work includes a chapter on medico-

legal issues focusing on the measurement of blood alcohol levels of drivers of

motor vehicles, and the evidentiary value of the results obtained.



Deeds Practice Manuals


Author: The Deeds Office

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702174162

First Published: 2007


Deeds Practice Manuals provide an extensive and modern survey of the

entire field of deeds registration, practice and procedure. Written over a

period of more than a decade, and endorsed by the Deeds Office, it is a

uniform practical guide that serves as an invaluable tool for anyone involved

in conveyancing. While the underlying legal principles are addressed, the

focus is on specific procedures, with numerous examples of endorsements

and other specimen documents accompanied by the guidelines for deeds



Contents Include:

Conventional deeds

Sectional title

Diverse legislation

Notarial practice

Township development

Useful tables containing easy references to:

Case law


Chief Registrar’s Circulars

Registrars’ Conference Resolutions


Environmental Laws of South Africa


Author: PGW Henderson

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702137778

First Published: 1996


Environmental Laws of South Africa is a collection of the laws that govern

the environment from a disparate and diverse range of legislative sources.

This regularly updated loose-leaf work includes commentary placing the

legislation in context, bulletins summing up recent initiatives in all areas of

environmental legislation and the text of relevant selected acts, regulations

and policies. Useful tables of regulations and appendices are also included.


Contents Include:

Volume I

Part I: Environmental law and the constitution

Part II: The management, use and conservation of natural and cultural


Volume II

Part III: Land use, planning and development

Part IV: Protected areas

Part V: Waste management and pollution control


Superior Court Practice, Erasmus (2nd Edition)


Author: Van Loggerenberg, DE (Current Author); Bertelsmann, E (Contributor)


Edition: 2nd Edition

First Published: 2015


Erasmus Superior Court Practice has over the past 50 years (since the

release of its predecessor, Nathan, Barnett and Brink Uniform Rules of

Court) established itself as the leading and most indispensable authority in

its field.


The Superior Courts Act 10 of 2013 and the Constitution Seventeenth

Amendment Act brought profound change to the field of civil practice in the

Superior Courts. The second edition of this acclaimed work comprises

unrivalled clause-by-clause commentary on the new Superior Courts Act

as well as the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and Uniform Court Rules, and interprets provisions with reference to judgments in which they have been considered. It also features extensive discussions of important related subjects.


Erasmus Superior Court Practice is updated bi-annually to incorporate all changes arising from statutory amendments, as well as judgments handed down by the Superior Courts.


Guide to the Close Corporations Act and Regulations


Author: Geach, WD; Schoeman, T

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702115509

First Published: 1984


The Companies Act 71 of 2008 secures the continued existence of close

corporations that were formed prior to the Act’s commencement. This work

provides a practical guide to this popular business entity and deals with its

functioning and winding-up in light of corporate law reform. It also offers

assistance on the conversion of a close corporation into a company.


Contents Include:

Introduction to close corporations

The close corporations act

The regulations, notices and practice notes

The prescribed forms, draft association agreement, and other

Specimen documents




Guide to the Companies Act and Regulations


Author: Geach, WD

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702104664

First Published: 1973


Guide to the Companies Act and Regulations offers subscribers a regularly

updated, accurate source of the Act and Regulations. It elucidates corporate legal

reform and sets out the implementation of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.


Contents Include:

Amendments to the Companies Act and Regulations from 1973; Comparison of

the 1926 and 1973 Companies Acts

Company secretarial practice

Detailed index

Summaries of reported cases since 1984


Winding up forms and winding up fees


Handbook of South African Copyright Law


Author: Dean, OH

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702119071

First Published: 1987


First published in 1987, this comprehensive work has established itself as the

leading authority in its field, quoted in court judgments and relied upon by legal

practitioners and professionals in diverse fields. Written by a leading academic and

commentator, Handbook of South African Copyright Law is a rare marriage of

practical experience and meticulous scholarship. The publication is regularly

updated to reflect the latest developments in copyright law.


Contents Include:

Synopsis of the law of copyright and ancillary matters

Digest of South African authorities

Transitional provisions of the Copyright Act, 1978

Compendium of relevant domestic and international legislation



Juta’s Income Tax


Authors: Engels-Van Zyl, R (Current Author); Roeleveld, J (Current Author);

Mollagee, O (Current Author); Benetello, M (Current Author); Davis, DM

(Founding Author); Urquhart, G (Founding Author)


First Published: 1999


Juta’s Income Tax is unique in its approach to income tax. The publication

provides a section-by-section commentary of the Income Tax Act, combined

with concise overviews where appropriate, comprehensive indexing and

cross-referencing to case law and other sources. The use of graphic aids,

such as flowcharts and diagrams, and extensive examples, make the text

accessible and easy to understand to the specialist as well as the occasional



Subscribers also receive a free subscription to Juta’s Tax Law Review, a quarterly e-newsletter containing an exposition of the latest developments in various areas of local and international tax.


Land Tenure Law


Author: Mahomed, A

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702182136

First Published: 2010


This updatable loose-leaf publication explains key definitions in the relevant laws

and provides useful, practical guidelines on land rights disputes for government

officials, legal practitioners (including conveyancers), paralegals and NGOs in the

land rights sector.


Relevant case law is explained in an accessible, non-legalistic and user-friendly

manner. The work sets out the nature and scope of legal protection available to

occupiers and labour tenants living in rural and peri-urban areas. It also contains a

section on access to the courts, including the Land Claims Court.





The Law of Medical Schemes in South Africa


Author: Pearmain, D

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702179198

First Published: 2008


The Law of Medical Schemes in South Africa sets out the law applicable to medical

schemes in a thorough and practical manner. This regularly updated loose-leaf work

guides medical scheme trustees, boards and administrators on compliance, their

fiduciary responsibilities and good governance.


The discussion, by a foremost expert in this field, is firmly rooted in the context of

South African health care, noting considerations of policy and corporate governance.

Explanatory summaries of cases provide readers with hands-on guidance on the

application of laws such as the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998.




Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council Consolidated Agreements (MEIBC)


Author: Juta's Statutes Editors ; National Council Staff

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702119200

First Published: 1987


This industry agreement compilation has become an indispensable source of reference for the metal industry. It provides the consolidated text of all agreements (excluding the Lift Engineering Agreement).


Contents Include:

Main Collective Agreement incorporating:

Conditions of employment

Wage Rates tables

Technical schedules

Collective Agreements relating to:

Dispute resolution

Bargaining Levy

Registration and Administration Expenses

Sick Pay Fund

Engineering Industries Pension Fund

Metal Industries’ Provident Fund

Artisan Training and Recognition (ATRAMI)

Technological Fund

Comprehensive contact details, key aspects and addresses


Mineral and Petroleum Law of South Africa: Commentary and Statutes


Author: Badenhorst, PJ; Mostert, H

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702167218

First Published: 2005


This publication assists the reader in understanding the past and present

mineral and petroleum regulatory frameworks as well as the future dispensation.


Contents Include:

A historical overview of the development of this area of law.

An introduction to the administration of the mineral and petroleum statutes.

The old order (in terms of the Minerals Act 50 of 1991) with an emphasis on its

continued relevance for purposes of the transitional measures.

The transitional measures from the old to the new order.

The new order brought about by the Mineral and Petroleum Resources

Development Act 28 of 2002.

The Black Economic Empowerment provisions.

The registration of new order rights in terms of the Mining Titles Registration Act 16 of 1967 (as amended by Act 24 of 2003).

The control measures put in place to regulate minerals and petroleum.


Motor Industry Bargaining Council Consolidated Agreements (MIBCO)


Author: Juta’s Statutes Editors

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702122367

First Published: 1986


This loose-leaf industry manual provides easy access to the legal provisions

applicable to the motor trade ensuring members and employers of the industry

remain compliant with all the requirements of the Labour Relations Act, which

requires employers to keep copies of collective agreements on their premises and

to make them available to employees. It combines in one publication the

Agreements, Wage Determinations and Conditions of Service applicable in the

motor industry, incorporating all amendments


Contents Include:

Consolidated Main Agreement

The Administrative Agreement

Wages and conditions of employment

Pension and Sick Fund/Medical Agreements


Occupational Health and Safety Act and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act: Text and Commentary


Author: Benjamin, PS

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702181573

First Published: 2009


This loose-leaf work contains the Occupational Health and Safety and the

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Acts, with up-to-date

commentary, in one useful compendium.  It provides guidance on occupational

injuries, health and safety policies, the reporting of incidents and formal inquiries into

workplace injuries. The publication also features a discussion on work-related post-

traumatic stress disorder and compensation.



Public Service Law Handbook


Author: Juta's General Law Editors

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702153846

First Published: 2001


Compiled in collaboration with the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council,

this publication contains the laws applicable to public servants generally, at national

as well as provincial level.  Both the Public Service Act of 1994 and the Regulations

promulgated thereunder have been amended repeatedly. This volume provides a

consolidated text, and its loose-leaf format provides for continuing updates to

ensure that the information remains current. The volume also contains the Public

Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council Resolutions, which regulate vital areas

such as discipline, incapacity and dispute resolution.  This work should be widely

available and accessible to the workforce that is governed by the legislation and




Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury Cases, The


Author: Burchell, JM; Gauntlett, J; Corbett, MM; Honey, DP

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702116049

First Published: 1993


The Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury Cases has earned an

enviable reputation amongst South African lawyers as the source of first

reference in assessing liability and the quantum of claims. As a subscription

publication, new cases are constantly being added, keeping subscribers

abreast of new judicial trends and attitudes to these kinds of claims. The

Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury Cases is a set of publications which grows with the addition of new cases and materials.



Road Traffic Legislation/Padverkeerswetgewing


Author: Juta's Statutes Editors

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702124303

First Published: 1990


This bilingual loose-leaf work comprises the National and Provincial Road

Traffic legislation, with a table of cases and an index.


Contents Include:

National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996

Extract provisions of Act 29 of 1989

National Road Traffic Regulations

Table of Cases



South African Banking Legislation


Author: Malan, FR; Pretorius, JT

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702125720

First Published: 1990


This publication collects the most important legislation pertaining to banking. Relevant regulations are included.


Contents Include:

Mutual Banks Act 124 of 1993

Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001

Exchange Control Amnesty and Amendment of Taxation Laws Act 12 of 2003

Banks Act 94 of 1990

South African Reserve Bank Act 90 of 1989

Inspection of Financial Institutions Act 80 of 1998

Financial Institutions (Protection of Funds) Act 28 of 2001

Currency and Exchanges Act 9 of 1933

Bills of Exchange Act 34 of 1964

National Payment System Act 78 of 1998

Securities Services Act 36 of 2004

Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002

Co-operative Banks Act 40 of 2007

Code of Banking Practice

South African Post Office SOC Ltd Act, 2011


South African Property Practice and the Law

A Practical Manual for Property Practitioners


Author: Delport, HJ

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702118999

First Published: 1987


This volume is an indispensable reference work with excellent, up-to-date material on

areas such as sectional title, share blocks and the like. It provides the property lawyer,

estate agent and student alike with an in-depth exposition of all aspects of property

and the law. The work includes an extensive commentary on the Estate Agents Act,

updated regularly by comprehensive revision services, as well as useful guidelines on

the legal aspects of immovable property. An entire section is devoted to setting

learning objectives for candidates preparing to write the Estate Agents Board



Contents Include:

Immovable property and interests in immovable property

Sectional titles, share blocks and time-share

Statutory control over property


Estate agents and statutory control over estate agents

Estate Agents Affairs Act 112 of 1976 with commentary


Sexual Offences Commentary


Author: Pithey, B; Smythe, D

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702186028

First Published: 1987


The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007

consolidates, codifies and amends South Africa’s laws dealing with sexual offences.

The Act has brought the law on sexual offences in line with the Constitution and has

also created a substantial number of new offences.   This section-by-section

commentary covers all the new offences and changes to the laws of evidence and

procedure introduced by the Act, including those relating to children and people with

disabilities. Written and edited by leading scholars and practitioners and reviewed by

criminal law and criminal procedure experts, it combines legal analysis with hands-on

knowledge of the management of sexual offences in the criminal justice system. The

contributors to this commentary provide unique insights into the potential, the challenges and the limitations of the new sexual offences legislation.


South African Labour Law


Author: Thompson, C; Benjamin, PS

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702132643

First Published: 1965


Staying abreast of legislative changes is of crucial importance to labour law

practitioners. This work is thus an absolute necessity for anyone interested

in labour law. It contains the text of all the important Acts and Regulations

together with full introductory commentary. Housed in three loose-leaf

binders, it has been acclaimed as the authoritative work on our labour laws

in South Africa.





South African Ports Law Handbook


Author: Botha, RC; Vrancken, P

ISBN/ISSN: 9780702173127

First Published: 2006


The centrepiece of the Handbook is the National Ports Act 12 of 2005. The

adoption of the National Ports Act marks a new era in the development of

South African ports law. It represents the first attempt at creating a

comprehensive institutional, operational and regulatory framework for ports.

Importantly, it gives a strong signal opening South Africa’s port sector to

greater private sector participation and competition.


For the first time in South Africa, the Act specifically introduces a regime of

economic regulation in ports. The Handbook will publish in full all directives

issued by the Ports Regulator including procedural requirements for lodging

an appeal or submitting a complaint.


The Act is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the management and operation of South Africa's ports. It paves the way for a dynamic restructuring of relationships between the NPA, the maritime industry, ports users and all enterprises that use or depend on the efficient performance of our ports. Overall, the Act is expected to contribute to the rapid development of a previously neglected branch of our law.


Juta’s State Library Index to the Government Gazette


Author: Burger, D (Compiler)

ISBN/ISSN: 9781485100409

Published in Quarterly & Annual Editions


An indispensable tool for all who need to consult the Government Gazette. the

Juta-State Library Index to the Government Gazette is a detailed but uncomplicated

guide, listing all notices gazetted in the year under review. Published since 1990, it

is available in both quarterly and annual editions. The quarterly edition is

cumulatively updated and consists of three soft cover issues and a final hard cover

volume covering the whole year. The annual edition consists only of the final hard

cover volume.


Contents Include:

Numerical index to Board, General and Government Notices and Proclamations, as well as Government and Regulation Gazettes


Acts and Bills

Alphabetical and serial lists

Legal advertisements

Regulations made in terms of Acts

Alphabetical subject index

White Papers

Alphabetical list



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